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As per the circumstances going around from the last few months, the way America and China are having a conflict. Because of this, the chances of India has become more and more to gain a permanent seat in the United Nations(UN).

Internationally, every step is taken accurately and precisely. Also, by forming a policy so that no conflicts occur as the time passes by leading to a fruitful result.

In the UN, the biggest resistance of the permanent seat of India is china .china make sure that India does not get a seat in the UN by using its veto power. As situations are different now, America is considering the virus as a big attack on its nation. Due to this, they are avoiding China when it comes to the UN. In this way, India has full chances to enter into the UN as china won’t be able to use its superpowers.

india's entry in un 1

If for once India gets an entry in the UN, China and India will not be seeing each other as target and the future of India will be brighter progressing towards the superpowers of the world.


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