Thursday, October 21, 2021


With the number of cases increasing due to COVID-19 everyday. PM Narendra modi has extended the lockdown till 3rd may not just this in his speech he also advice people to follow some measure in order to keep themselves safe.One of the thing he recommended was to follows some home remedies which will help to improve ones immunity

Here’s how one can improve the immunity, keeping in mind Ayurvedic principals:-

Firstly, You can avoid cold,processed,heavy,fried and junk food and start having warm,fresh food which are easy to digest, nourished foods at regular meal times. Also it is very important to stay hydrated:have warm water or water at ambient room temperature,drink herbal tulsi or ginger tea which is good for health .Besides balanced and healthy diet it is also important to have a adequate sleep and avoiding late nights promotes rejuvenation and healing.Doing regular yoga, exercise and breathwork improves strength and Vitality.

Secondly, In your daily routine we can start having a glass of warm water in the morning with lemon and honey.As honey and lemon both are high in vitamins which are  beneficial for our bodies.

Thirdly,While interacting with people putting your hands together in a Namaste instead of offering handshake or a hug is good and safe way to keep your distance.

Fourthly, Specifically for respiratory conditions, where your  khavaigunya (weak system) is vulnerable, steaming or sudation (with eucalyptus or tea tree oil or just regular water) and gargling with warm water and salt is great.


As mediation is a tool to manage the mind, and there are many studies about how it boosts immunity and improves health.Also Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living, recently addressed 17,500+ people from all over the world. His message was to tell everyone not to worry about Covid-19 Coronavirus, to reassure families that the ‘worldwide spread of this new disease’ will be over,  The overriding direction was that as the world deals with this disease, it’s important to improve your immune system and meditate often.  There is a concept of psycho-neurological immunology (PNI) in modern medicine; neuro-hormones that enhance immunity, which is similar to Achara Rasayana or rejuvenation through practices like meditation and a positive state of mind.


Lastly,You can add natural herbs in your diet which may help to improve the immunity like Turmeric is a natural antibacterial herb that can be added to food with some pepper, Tulsi Arka has anti-viral properties,10-15 drops of Tulsi Arka in water twice a day can be taken safely, taking a spoon of Chyawanprash with warm milk or water in the morning or night, this is a good practice to be continued.

Ayurveda considers our relationship with ourselves, our family, our community, nature, and the environment as a vital part of our health. Honoring nature and respecting the limits of our biosphere and biodiversity is really important and this was a reminder to us as China banned the consumption of wild animals in January of this year.

We need to address our immunity rather than sterilize our world. By all means, we can sterilize it during this outbreak, but at other times, a natural environment is better for improving immunity .


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