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When the word fashion passes by the imagination directly goes to the ramp walk and models walking in Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi or Masaba Gupta.Or else we think of our favourite celebrities in award functions… Well it’s truly said that the revolution of fashion in life actually came in  because of a very known indian celebrity Sonam Kapoor (Ahuja) with the movie AISHA. With the sense of casuals to outstanding party wears she rocked the whole bollywood and India.

Trends are really an continuous on going process it just keeps evolving rapidly. Call the fabrics, the prints, colours, designs and more,. There is a season for every trend. It can be said there are factors that influence trends Climate- like Hoodies for winters and Tank tops for summers.

Time- as pastels are for day time and deep colors  for nights.

Fashion or trends are not something that is supposed to be followed religiously in fact it varies for every individual. As everyone has their own priorities and choices. Some prefer comfort, some go for looks and there are some focused on classics.

There are some ideal thought of the place or events and the attire as ideally Lehengas are for weddings, Gowns for Ballrooms, Bodycons for parties and shorts for outings. Every outfit is categorised by the fashion world but it depends on choice ( I mean it’s not like u can’t wear a pantsuit in a club). The term choice plays a major role here.

We can also give credits to different  cultures in contributing styles and specially in a country like India when the abundance of cultural variations resides. Some examples are-

Salwaar suit from Punjab, Ghaaghra choli from Gujraat, the classic red and white saree from Bengal to Nauvari Saree from Maharashtra are some of the great offerings to the world of fashion.

Fashion and Trends have actually taken a great power in our minds with the thought of being presentable, trendy and stylish we all run in this race. But the focus should actually be given to be comfortable, to be aware of what suits your body, to be experimental and to accept and love the choices you make for yourself.


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